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A Parents Message Training Course

Facilitator Training & Certification Course© – English Edition

2 day course, selected locations. Course includes 1 Workbook and 1 Facilitator’s Guide.

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A Parents Message, English

A Parent’s Message© – English Edition

By Ruth E. Clark and Carolyn LeCroy

ISBN: 978-0-9842831-4-9

A Parent’s Message© is a first-step in the Reunification of incarcerated parents, children, and families. The book aligns with goals of in-place Corrections Parent Educational Programs and supports the incarcerated parent’s identity as a parent – not as an offender – while fostering respectful kin and other caregiver relationships. A Parent’s Message© initiates and maintains continuing communication between parent and child using tear-out messages sent by mail. The format is suited for voluntary facilitated groups and/or self-study. The Workbook activities extend from 26 to 52 weeks of purposeful and personal programming.

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A Parents Message Facilitator Guide, English

A Parent’s Message – The Program Facilitator’s Guide© – English Edition

by Ruth E. Clark, EdD

ISBN: 978-0-9842831-6-3

A Parent’s Message Facilitator’s Guide© Is the Instructional Guide for Facilitator-Educators to teach A Parent’s Message – The Program©.

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