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Clay Rojas – Master Trainer for the Facilitator Training & Certification Course

Clay Rojas is your Master Trainer for A Parent’s Message – The Program©. Clay has over 15 years of experience teaching in the government and civilian sector. Clay’s vision is to rebuild broken families that have been impacted by incarceration.

Clay’s life took a tragic detour through federal prison where he became separated from his family and did not see them for over three years. After his release, the struggle to rebuild his own family began and continues to this day.

Clay started a non profit organization called Prison Families Aftercare (www.prisonfamilies.us) in 2015. Clay also went back to school and earned a double major in Psychology and Theology with distinction from William Jessup University. Clay is a licensed minister, father, husband and social activist. Clay passionately teaches A Parent’s Message – The Program© Facilitator Training and Certification Course with insight from his own troubled journey. You will leave this class empowered, motivated and dedicated to your passion for serving.


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